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Prosthodontics and Professional Dental Care in Palmdale

When Accidents Harm Your Teeth
We’ve all seen it before. A child at the playground trips and their mouth hits a hard surface. They are uninjured, except that a front tooth is missing, an early adult tooth. The child will need a prosthodontist to get an artificial replacement.
Why Do You Need a Prosthodontist?
Prosthodontics is the repair and upkeep of your oral cavity when teeth or jaw matter are missing. This type of dental specialist manages the aftercare of your injury, accident, or health issue by constructing and fitting artificial replacements for your mouth.
Examples of common synthetic attachments include full or partial dentures, implants, crowns, bridges and other prosthetics. These replacements are often essential for you to complete daily tasks like eating, speaking and even breathing.
What Causes Tooth Loss?
There are many causes of tooth loss and the loss of jaw matter. These include accidents, gum disease, wider health issues such as cancer, and bad habits like smoking or tobacco chewing as well as tooth decay resulting in removal.
The experienced prosthodontists at Boulevard Dental in Palmdale will inspect the specific causes of your tooth or gum damage and suggest treatments that are tailored to you. We provide the care solutions that will help you enjoy the independent and confident lifestyle that you deserve.
We Listen to You
No matter your diagnosis or suggested treatments, our team takes the time to listen to your concerns, your thoughts and your goals. Instead of lecturing to you exactly what you need, we work hard to build relationships with our clients that are based on trust and respect, helping you regain the full functions of your oral cavity you need for everyday life.